Can a Portable Power Station Power a TV?


There are instances when you need a functional television, and your generator is the best or only alternative. A faulty generator would ruin the anticipation of a great night's entertainment. See this post to understand further how generators and TVs operate (or don't) together.

Can a Portable Power Station Power a TV? 1

How Much Power Does a TV Use?

Since there is so much variability, it might be hard to tell whether a certain television and generator combination will work. Your TV's size, kind (LCD or Plasma), and energy efficiency will determine how many watts it uses, so you'll need to know that before you can decide if a portable generator will be able to power your television set.

TV Use 80 To 350 Watts

When I'm viewing Netflix shows, my TV needs roughly 160 watts. Using 250 watts of electricity, the screensaver mode generates hundreds of animated fish on the screen. It's an OLED display, and a lot of the screen's LEDs are turned off when the screen is largely dark, which reduces the device's power.

1.A lower wattage is usually associated with smaller screen size.

2.LCDs use less electricity than plasma TVs.

3.On average, TVs with the Energy Star certification consume 30% less energy than TVs without the logo.

The only way to find out how many watts your television uses is to do some research. To make things even easier, you may obtain this information in the TV's manual and on the Internet or from a shop.

Is It Possible to Use a Solar Battery Generator to Power A Television?

Yes. With today's Li-Ion Battery Power Stations, you can certainly run a TV. On my 65-inch TV, I tried many solar batteries power stations, all of which worked well. 

Our Recommendation

I'd suggest a battery generator with at least 500 watts of electricity, depending on how long you'll need it to run your TV. With the BULLBAT Adventurer 700 or BULLBAT Pioneer 800, you could get away with it. However, you may only be able to watch one hour of television at a time. So, I hope you aren't watching a terrific program at the same time as I am. The BULLBAT Adventurer 700 or BULLBAT Pioneer 800 will let you watch a whole season of a 30-minute program with a battery of more than 1,000 Wh.

Can a Portable Power Station Power a TV? 2

In the process of purchasing a portable generator, you'll encounter a lot of talk about both starting and operating watts. Many objects, such as tools and appliances with motors, need more power when they are first turned on and less energy when they are being used. That additional burst of watts could be useful for something like your dishwasher but not for your television, for example.

Only the wattage specified for your specific television model has to be considered. As long as this figure is less than the generator's rated operating wattage, you should be OK.

Final Verdict

It is feasible to use a portable generator to power a TV, but you must know how many watts you want and the generator's capacity. Your overall wattage has to be considered when determining how many watts your TV consumes. The generator must be an inverter if you want to use it to power your TV securely.

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