How Do You Charge a Portable Power Station?


Portable power stations have become a modern necessity. Whether you are out camping under the moon or headed for a long vacation, a fully charged portable power station can keep all your electronic gadgets up and running. Whether it’s your smartphone or mini electronic appliances, a power station houses sufficient energy for extended use.

But how do you charge the portable power station generator? Is it challenging to maintain your mini backup generator? This is what we will be discussing today.

How Does A Power Station Work?

Power stations are like generators that transfer the stored energy to run electric appliances. However, portable power generators are smaller, lightweight, and pretty easy to use. You just need to press the on/off button to start your backup power station and plug in your appliances.

A portable power station has a built-in inverter. With a fully charged battery, the inverter takes the standard AC current from the battery and converts it into a direct current to power up your electronic devices.

Multiple Ways to Charge Your Power Station

Portable power stations are easy to charge. There is an input port at the back of the power station and each comes with a power station portable charger, making things simpler for every user.

There are three different ways to charge the battery of a power station.

1. Charge with Regular Power Outlet

The simplest, quickest, and most efficient way of charging the portable power station is to use a regular power outlet at your home. Connect the charger to the input port and plug the device into the power outlet. The LCD on the front screen will display the battery capacity of the power station. Remove the charger once it is fully charged and your portable power station is ready for use.

How Do You Charge a Portable Power Station? 1

2. Use Solar Panels for Charging

Are you currently in a remote area with a scarce power supply but lots of direct sunlight?  Well, you are in luck.

A portable power station supports solar panel charging. There are different solar and car input ports at the back. Place the solar panel directly under the sunlight. Connect the power station with the solar panel and let it charge to its full capacity. You can also call the portable powerhouse a portable solar power station.

If you are looking for the best portable solar power station, BULLBAT has multiple options ranging from $200 to $650.

3. Use the Cigarette Socket Lighter in a Car

A portable power station enables campers and families on road trips to charge their compact backup generator using the built-in cigarette socket lighter in their vehicle. Plug the device into the socket lighter and insert the cable into the input port. Once your device is fully charged, you can use it comfortably during camping and for other uses.

How Do You Charge a Portable Power Station? 2

How Long Does It Take For A Power Station To Charge Fully?

To fully charge your power station, you need to give it about 6-8 hours straight. Depending on the size and type of your battery, it may take even longer for the power station to get fully charged. While purchasing a power station, make sure to look for a product that supports fast charging.

How Long A Fully Charged Power Station Lasts?

Portable power stations are preferred for their easy usability, compact style, and capacity to support a wide range of devices and equipment. With that being said, a fully charged power station is sure to last about 13 hours without any difficulty. 

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