How Long Do Portable Power Stations Last when Not in Used?


Portable power stations have become must-to-pack equipment for campers and travel devotees. With a fully charged portable power station, you can keep all your electric devices operational even if you are in a remote or off-grid location.

Portable power stations are easy to maintain; you just need to recharge them after every use. But what happens if a fully charged portable power station generator remains unused for a longer duration?

How Long Do Portable Power Stations Last when Not in Used? 1

Can A Power Station Remain Unaffected When Not In Use? 

People often worry about whether a rechargeable portable power station will remain unaffected if it is not in use? You must know that the life of your portable power station depends primarily on two things: how well the equipment is maintained and how often the power station is used.

Most portable power stations, such as the ones manufactured by BULLBAT, use lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a charge-discharge cycle. A charging cycle refers to when the product is used from a full charge to a zero charge. Draining the entire lithium battery and then charging it more frequently has a negative impact on the battery life span because lithium-ion batteries are at 80% capacity after 500 cycles. Also, every time you consume a complete cycle, the battery experience performance loss.

Continuous and careless use of portable power stations deteriorates their battery life, and they will only remain functional for about a year or three. This means you may have to buy a new portable electric power station sooner than later.

However, if you use the portable power station less frequently, it will last much longer than expected.

How to Extend the Life of Your Portable Power Station?

Besides carefully using your portable power station, you can do a couple of things to ensure your mini power station remains functional for years to come.

Charge the Battery Carefully

Portable power stations typically have lithium-ion batteries, therefore, the device is widely known as lithium portable power station. Make sure to minimize the time the battery spends on 100% or 0% charging. Keeping the battery on high or low charge for a more extended period means consuming more charging cycles. So, as soon as your portable power station is on 50%, recharge it again and when it is 100% charged, unplug the charger quickly.

How Long Do Portable Power Stations Last when Not in Used? 2

Keep It Away From Extreme Temperatures

The majority of lithium-ion batteries self-discharge at 2% every month. Depending on maintenance and charging cycles your power station has completed, it may also reach 3%-4% a month.

Moreover, storing your portable universal power station in extremely high or low temperatures when not needed may cause the portable power station to lose the stored energy at a faster pace. So, when the power station is not in use, store it in a safe place at moderate room temperature.

Avoid Fast Charging

Avoid using fast chargers for your portable power station. It degrades the battery inside your equipment very quickly. Use a standard charger for charging an electric portable power station. This will keep your device fully functional, and you can enjoy the benefits of a power station for a longer period.

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