How to make a portable power station?


Are you tired of re-recharging your gadgets after some hours? Or perhaps cigarette lighter plugs? Then the solution is to construct your own portable power station. A portable power station is also known as a battery-powered generator. They are rechargeable batteries that can be charged by plugging them into a standard volt outlet.  In this guide, we will walk you through how to make a portable power station that will get you covered in the darkest of hours. But before proceeding with the process, let’s find out what a portable power station is and how it works. 

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What Exactly is A Portable Power Station?

As stated earlier, portable power stations are battery-powered portable generators that can be recharged at any place. As you might be aware, numerous other types of portable generators exist. Most of these use a built-in motor or gasoline to generate power on demand. In contrast to this, a Bulbat power station does not. Instead, it stores power in batteries, which it can then use. The batteries can be charged by connecting the power station to a charger, particularly a lithium-specific charger, or to a solar panel. However, getting them charged by solar panels is pretty easy as it’s more cost-effective than charging them with batteries. 

You truly desired a portable power station for your home. You never know when an emergency will occur, and you'll need to maintain your refrigerator or freezer running to keep your food safe. There are a few reasons why owning a portable power station is a good idea. Since they do not require gasoline or a motor, portable power stations have several distinct advantages. They don't require fuel, so they're best suited for indoor use. You can also get a portable power station for camping and use them to charge your devices while camping without supplying any fuel. Also, with portable power stations, you didn't have to bother with the cranky noise of a gas generator, which is usually prohibited in campgrounds, or the stench of burning fumes.

DIY Make Portable Power Station 

Now you know the purpose of a portable power station, it’s time to create your best battery power generator. 

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

The first step in this DIY project is to go shop for all the components you will need to put together your portable power station. Luckily, you can get the materials online or in-store. 

You will need to gather tools such as multimeters, screws, connecting cables, cable ties, and other auxiliary materials if you have the solid hands-on ability. The following are the materials required for portable power stations:

●1 smart BMS

●1 Lithium-ion battery to make a lithium power station

●1 USB output control board

●1 output socket

●1 assembly shell

●A cooling fan

Step 2: Battery Pack Assembly Evaluation

When purchasing batteries, consider the built-in capacities of batteries, and discharge rate.  Using batteries from the same batch and manufacturer is ideal and then processing them through a battery laser welding machine into three series and five parallel battery packs.

Step 3: Testing of USB Control Board And Inverter

Connect the purchased inverter to the USB control board to check the function, protection, and load capacity. If you encounter quality issues, please consult the merchant as soon as possible, and technical parameter information can also be acquired from the manufacturer.

Step 4: Putting Together the Portable Power Station

When you have tested all the components, the last step is to put all the parts. When putting together a portable power station, try to use non-conductive and fire-resistant materials. We suggest using V0 fire-resistant PC material and an aluminum alloy shell. 

At this point, your DIY project is about 90 percent complete. At last, you must put the USB control board and plugs on the respective plastic panel. And that’s how you are done with your DIY project. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Building Your Own Portable Power Station

Though you might think that building your portable station would be relatively easy and cost-effective, it has some disadvantages. Let’s find out what are its pros and cons.


Less Expensive: a company-purchased portable power station can be expensive, and the one you create on your own is relatively less expensive. You can save a few hundred dollars when you DIY a portable power station. Furthermore, you can lower costs by incorporating lower-cost components into your portable power station.

Customizable: Making your own portable power station allows you to customize it completely. For example, your power station might have the exact battery storage you require. Even better, you can only add outputs that are compliant with your devices.

Expandable and upgradeable: Your power needs may change over time. That's not a problem because your portable power station can be improved and expanded as needed. Unlike a traditional portable power station, you are not restricted to what you have.


It’s a Quite Hectic Process: Unfortunately, building a portable power station from scratch requires some electrical and electronic knowledge. Assume you try to build one without knowing how to do it correctly. You must embrace yourself to master the hard way by buying replacement parts and dealing with injuries.

There is No Warranty Coverage: There is no warranty safeguard for a portable power station you have built yourself. So, if some problem occurs, you'll be on your own to fix it.

The Product Has No Evaluation: Finally, you'll have to put your trust in your portable power station and hope it works when you need it the most. That can be a sizable order, mainly if the power station is intended to serve as a backup power source in an hour of emergency.

On the contrary, when it comes to company brought portable power stations, you can be confident that top manufacturers deeply test their products before they hit store shelves.

If your DIY portable power station is improperly wired, your electronics may be irreversibly damaged. And perhaps you would not like to put your expensive gadgets in the hands of a homemade power station. 


Final Word

Portable power stations are a good choice if you know the drill and the hard work behind the process. Though building one is relatively less expensive than the company-purchased, it also has some side effects as experts have not tested it, and if something goes wrong, your gadgets will be at risk. 

Therefore, we would suggest doing some research to get your hands on the best portable power stations.

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