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Company Advantages

· The rigorous quality control of BULLBAT portable tv battery is conducted throughout all production stages to guarantee the dimension and specification is within the tolerance limit in mechanical seals industry.

· The product emits lesser carbon compared to traditional lights and does not emit UV rays which as we know are harmful particularly to the skin. Aside from that, disposing of this product is not a problem because it does not contain mercury.

· Except for normal household use, this product is also suitable for being used by laymen in shops, in light industry, on farms, etc.

Power for Hours: Indoors and Outdoors!

The Bullbat Adventurer 500 portable power station is an incredibly affordable and reliable power source you can carry with you anytime, anywhere! With its convenient portable design weighing just around 10 lbs, you won't have any trouble taking it with you outdoors. Use its multiple ports to power up your essential gadgets while you are out or when you experience an unexpected power outage. The Bullbat Adventurer 500 power station generator will be there to help you out!

Power your devices anytime anywhere


The Bullbat Adventurer 500 portable power station is the one-stop solution to all your power needs. With the Bullbat Adventurer 500 close by, your gadgets and smart accessories will never run out of power. From your smartphones to your cameras and in-car appliances, we power it all! The Bullbat Adventurer 500, with its 298.9 Wh lithium ion battery, provides a greener, cleaner, noise-free power supply, and with its portable, small design, you can carry it anywhere you need.

Camping: The best camping sites are off-grid and out in the wilderness, but you can only fully enjoy them when all your essential gadgets are powered up. Keep the Bullbat Adventurer 500 best portable power station close by, and you will never run out of power!  Leisure Activities: Taking part in leisure activities is a great way to keep yourself up and running. But these activities are best performed when your necessary gadgets are charged and ready for use. This is where our Bullbat Adventurer 500 steps in. Vacationing: Whether you are trekking through the woods or climbing mountain peaks, you will want to stay connected with your loved ones at all times. With the Bullbat Adventurer 5000, keep all your devices powered so you can reach out to your close ones effortlessly, anytime, anywhere!

Fast Solar Recharging: Don't have access to a wall socket nearby? No worries! The Bullbat Adventurer is built-in with fast solar recharging capabilities. Recharging in just 5-6 hours before it is ready for use once again!



Leisure Activities

Fast Solar Recharging

Packing List

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Company Features

· BULLBAT has been a notable manufacturer of portable tv battery both in the domestic and international market and we enjoy a good reputation in the industry.

· BULLBAT has an experienced and skilled engineering technical team. Professional technique team builds up BULLBAT's solid technical strength and competitiveness. Our company has innovative thinking ability and rich production experience in the portable tv battery industry.

· Our commitment to going to green production promotes us to take corresponding approaches. We will double our efforts to upgrade the industrial structure to achieve a balance between business development and environmental friendliness.

Product Details

portable tv battery's specific details in BULLBAT are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Application of the Product

BULLBAT's portable tv battery can play an important role in various fields.

BULLBAT could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs.

Product Comparison

Compared with peer products, BULLBAT's portable tv battery has the outstanding advantages, mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

BULLBAT has a group of professional technical talents to develop products. We also have an experienced marketing team who is dedicated to providing sincere service according to the market tendency.

To provide customers with more efficient and quality service, our company is building and improving the perfect service system in pre-sales and after sales.

BULLBAT adheres to sustainable development and fair business. We are able to seize opportunities to reform the industry in time and develop a series of forward-looking strategies. All efforts are for the first-class brand building.

After years of hard work and innovation, BULLBAT has developed into an enterprise with leading production technology in the industry.

Getting rid of old ideas, our company draws support from the current e-commerce trend, and actively develops domestic and foreign markets. With the excellent quality of our products, we have successfully broken the space and regional barriers and opened up a vast market.

AC Output(x2)

 Total 500W(Surge 600W,3S) 110V~60Hz Pure Sine Wave

DC Output(x1)

 12V 5A (Max 60W)

Car Cigarette Lighter Output(x1)

 12V 10A (Max 120W)

USB-A Output(x2)

 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A (Max 18W for each port, total 36W)

USB-C Output/Input(x1)

 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 3A (Max 60W)

Q: Does the Bullbat Adventurer 500 Come Equipped with MPPT?

A: Yes, like all of our Bullbat portable power stations, the Bullbat Adventurer has MPPT features for quick solar recharging.

Q: Is the Power Station Inclusive of the Solar Panel?

A: No, you will have to purchase the solar panel separately. 

Q: Can the Bullbat Adventurer 500 Power Devices while Charging Simultaneously?

A: Yes, the Bullbat Adventurer 500 small portable power station supports pass-through charging, so you can use its ports to power your devices while you charge the power station simultaneously. 

Q: What Devices can You Power with the Bullbat Adventurer 500?

A: The Bullbat Adventurer 500 can use power devices less than 500W via its AC output ports; it can further power devices less than 60W via its DC output port and less than 120W through its 12V car port. However, if your devices exceed the capacity, the power station will automatically power off.  

Q: Does the AC Outlet Work with Three-Prong Plug-Ins?

A: Yes, the AC outlet on our Bullbat Adventurer 500 works for both two-prong and three-prong plug-ins. 

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