Powerful Portable Power Station Generator BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Review[from Peter von Panda]


[BULLBAT Pioneer 500 review]Powerful Portable BULLBAT Power Station Generator Review[from Peter von Panda]

BULLBAT Portable Power Station Pioneer 500, 504Wh Lithium Battery Powered Outlet with 500W AC/60W PD/QC3.0 USB-A/12V DC, Solar Power Generators with MPPT, Backup Power Supply for Outdoor & Indoor

505WH CAPACITY/LI-ION BATTERY -- With a large capacity of 505.44Wh, BULLBAT portable power station can power many electrical appliances: 1)The AC output ports can power devices less than 500W; 2)The DC output port can power devices less than 48W; 3)The 12V car port can charge devices less than 120W; 4)The USB-A/TYPE-C ports can power most common electronic devices.

MULTIPLE OUTPUTS/PASS-THROUGH CHARGING -- BULLBAT Pioneer 500 features 2*AC outlets(110V 500W), 2*USB-A QC3.0 ports(Max 18W), 2*USB-C PD 60W ports(Bi-directional), 1*DC5521 port(12V/4A), 1*Car port(12V/10A). It also supports pass-through charging, which means it can power your electric devices while charging.

CHARGING 0-80% WITHIN 2 HOURS -- This rechargeable solar power station has 2 input ports: 1)The DC5525 port supports 160W MAX input(supports 12V-30V solar panel);2)The bi-directional USB-C port supports 60W MAX input. With a max input power of 220W(AC 160W+PD 60W), this power station can be recharged from 0-80% within 2 hours. You can also recharge it by 12V/24V car outlet, generator, or a solar panel(NOT included).

OUTDOOR & INDOOR DUAL USAGE -- This solar power generator is perfect for outdoor activities as a backup battery power supply. It can be also used indoor as an emergency power source during power outage. The excellent lithium-ion battery pack makes this power station small in size and light in weight. It weighs only 12 pounds and has an easy to carry handle built in, very portable for you to carry around.


This portable power station can be recharged by 12V-30V solar panel. With a max DC input power of 160W, BULLBAT Pioneer 500 can be recharged from 0 to 80% within 4 hours by a solar panel. It is recommended to use a solar panel with an output power of more than 200W to charge this power station.


BULLBAT Pioneer 500 supports pass-through charging, you can use the AC/DC/USB ports while charging this power station. But for best battery performance, we'd recommend to use the power station after the charging is finished.


Built-in lithium-ion battery pack makes this power station smaller and lighter than LiFePO4 battery, more convenient for outdoor camping use. The battery life can last more than 500 cycle times(80%), which means it can still maintain more than 80% of the battery capacity after 500 cycle times, and you can continue to use it even more than 2000 times.

bullbat power station

power supply

power station supply


2*AC outlets(50/60Hz 110V/500W 1000W Peak)

2*USB-A QC3.0 ports(Max 18W)

2*USB-C PD 60W ports(Bi-directional)

1*DC5521 port(12V/4A)

1*Car port(12V/10A)

1*LED Light


The DC5525 input port supports 160W MAX input power, also the USB-C port supports 60W MAX input power.

1)Charging by Wall Outlet+USB-C(220W INPUT): 2.5-3 Hrs

2)Charging by Wall Outlet(160W INPUT): 3.5-4 Hrs

3)Charging by Solar Panel(160W INPUT): 4-6 Hrs

4)Charging by Car Port(84W INPUT): 6.5-7 Hrs

Tip: Please note that the AC adapter in the package only supports 110W MAX output, you may need to get a 160W AC adapter on you own for best charging performance.


BULLBAT LED screen can display the input power, output power, AC frequency, remaining battery and estimated remaining use time. It's so convenient for you to operate and check the real-time battery.

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