BULLBAT portable power stations are divided into BULLBAT PIONEER series and BULLBAT ADVENTURER series. 

The BULLBAT PIONEER series portable power stations use plastic ABS shell and lithium-ion battery, which makes the product smaller and lighter in volume and weight. Currently, the smallest capacity PIONEER 250 portable power station weighs only 5 pounds, also there are three different capacities (257Wh/505Wh/808Wh) that can meet the electricity needs of most electronic devices; 

The BULLBAT ADVENTURER series battery powered outlets adopt aluminum alloy shell and lithium ion battery, the aluminum alloy shell is more durable and looks cooler, and more importantly, it can significantly improve the heat dissipation performance, while ensuring the safety of electricity use, it can drive a larger power load. In addition, the BULLBAT ADVENTURER series power stations can provide higher input power to ensure a faster charging time.
BULLBAT is the leading one-stop online shop for today's most portable, powerful,  most innovative  portable power station and accessories.
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