BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Portable Power Station 613Wh/700W-Black 1
BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Portable Power Station 613Wh/700W-Black 2
BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Portable Power Station 613Wh/700W-Black 1
BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Portable Power Station 613Wh/700W-Black 2

BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Portable Power Station 613Wh/700W-Black

Stay Powered with BULLBAT Portable Power Station: Featuring a large battery capacity of 613 Wh, Bullbat portable battery power station is capable of powering up all your essentials, no matter where life takes you!


Efficient Charging Capabilities: Our large capacity lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 613.2Wh with 700 W AC output, capable of efficiently charging up most electronic devices.


Plug-In Up To 9 Devices: From mini-refrigerators to smartphones and LED lights, BULLBAT Adventurer 700 can power them all using its 9 ports, i.e., 2x AC outlets (110V/700W), 3x USB-A ports (Maximum 18W), 2x USB-C ports (18W+60W), 1xDC5521 port (12V/5A) and 1x car cigarette lighter output (12V/10A).


Smart Cooling System: The exhaust fan will automatically turn on if your battery starts heating up, allowing quick heat dissipation. This, paired with the aluminum-alloy outer casing, allows for faster heat dissipation. 


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    Keep Your Life Powered Up at All Times Wherever You Are!

    The BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Portable Power Station carries a 613Wh battery and 9 output ports;

    built to ensure that all your power needs are met no matter where life takes you!

    Be it on the road or while navigating the great outdoors; you will never have to worry about running out of power again!

    What Can BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Power? Devices Under 700W

    High Power Output

    Provides the fastest possible charge to any device

    Cool Aluminum Case

    Fan only turns on when the battery is hot

    Effectively reduces unnecessary noise

    Information-rich LCD Display


    The BULLBAT Adventurer 700 portable power station generator is capable of solar recharging,

    providing you with a clean, green, environmentally friendly power source!

    Use it to charge your electronic essentials while on a road trip, on a camping trip, or riding your RV!

    The small portable power station serves as an excellent power supply in the case of unexpected power outages, indoors and outdoors alike.


    Enjoy your camping trip with the comfort of knowing you will never run out of power,

    as long as you have the BULLBAT Adventurer 700!

    Capable of powering up all your outdoor electronic essentials! 


    Does your job require that you work off-grid?

    Or does that frequent power outage put a dent in your productivity?

    With the Bullbat Adventurer 700, you can get power whenever you need it!


    Use the BULLBAT Adventurer 700 to power up all your medical equipment.

    The next time you find yourself in an emergency,

    our portable power station will make sure your devices remain charged and working!


    Moving on the road, but there is this constant worry your devices might run out of power?

    Learn to relax and enjoy your time,

    knowing that with the BULLBAT Adventurer 700 best portable power station,

    you will never lose power again!


    BULLBAT Adventurer 700 power station features 3 input ports: DC5525 Input/Anderson Input/Type-C Input. It can be recharged by wall outlet and solar panels.

    Charging the power station with AC adapter and Typc-C can recharge the power station from 0 to 100% within 3 hours.

    Multiple Charging Methods

    What’s In Box

    BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Portable Power Station 613Wh/700W-Black 19


    BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Portable Power Station 613Wh/700W-Black 20


    AC Output(x2)

    Total 700W(Surge 1200W,3S) 110V~60Hz Pure Sine Wave

    DC Output(x1)

    12V 5A (Max 60W)

    Car Cigarette Lighter Output(x1)

    12V 10A (Max 120W)

    USB-A Output(x3)

    5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A (Max 18W for each port, total 54W)

    USB-C Output(x1)

    5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A (Max 18W)

    USB-C Output/Input(x1)

    5V 3A, 9V3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 3A (Max 60W)

    Operating Temperature

    32-104°F (0~40℃)

    Storage Temperature

    14-131°F (-10~55℃)

    Q: What Devices Can BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Power?

    A: The BULLBAT Adventurer 700 can power up a wide range of devices using its AC, DC, and carports. The AC port will charge devices less than 700W, and the DC port will charge devices less than 60W, whereas the carport will charge devices less than 120W. 

    Q: Can this power station power other devices while charging at the same time?

    A: Yes, Bullbat Adventurer 700 supports pass-through charging. You can use the AC/DC/USB output ports while charging.

    Q: What's the battery composition of this power station? How's the battery circle life? 

    A: The battery composition of Bullbat Adventurer 700 is lithion-ion battery. And the battery life can last more than 500 cycle times(80%), which means it can still maintain more than 80% of the battery capacity after 500 cycle times, and you can continue to use it even more than 2000 times.

    Q: How Long Does It Take to Charge BULLBAT Adventurer 700 Power Station?

    A: The BULLBAT Adventurer 700 can be charged using a wall outlet + USB-C port in 2.5-3 hours. Alternatively, you may also use solar panels (4-6hours), a car charger (3.5-4 hours), USB-C PD Port(11-12 hrs) or Wall Outlet + USB-C PD Port (2.5-3 hrs).

    Q: Does this Bullbat Adventurer 700 have MPPT feature?

    A: Yes, all our Bullbat power stations have MPPT feature for quicker solar charging performance.

    Q: Does the USB-C port support fast charging?

    A: Yes, the USB-C(Type-C) port supports fast charging, it can provide max 60W output power.

    Q: Does This Power Station Come with a Solar Panel?

    A: No, solar panels are not included in the BULLBAT portable solar power station pack. You may have to purchase them separately

    Q: Does the AC outlet work for three prong plug-ins?

    A: Yes, all Bullbat power stations' AC outlet can work for both two and three prong plug-ins.

    Q: Does This BULLBAT Product Have an Adapter to Jump-start a Car?

    A: While the BULLBAT Adventurer 700 lacks this feature, it is in the works. Stay tuned for more updates!

    Q: What Kind of Solar Panel Can Charge This BULLBAT Adventurer 700?

    A: The solar panel you purchase must have an Open Circuit Voltage lying between 12-30V and must be equipped with MC4 connectors. Alternatively, you may purchase an Anderson to MC4 cable if you have an Anderson connector. 

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