BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station 505Wh/500W 1
BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station 505Wh/500W 2
BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station 505Wh/500W 1
BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station 505Wh/500W 2

BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station 505Wh/500W

Massive Battery Capacity and Design: Weighing around 12 pounds and featuring a large battery capacity of 505.44Wh, BULLBAT Pioneer 500 ensures stable battery chemistry that will provide you well over 2000 life cycles. 


Portable, Innovative Design: It is incredibly portable, lightweight, and above all, easily rechargeable, making the portable battery power station ideal for use in the case of power failures at home or when you happen to find yourself off-grid. 


Multiple Outlets To Keep You Connected: The BULLBAT Pioneer portable power station generator features 2x AC outlets (110v/500W), 2x USB-A ports (Maximum 18W), 2x USB-C ports (Maximum 60W), 1x DC5521 port (12V/4A), and 1x Car Cigarette Lighter port (12V/10A). Enough to power all your essentials on the road or during a power outage!


Multiple Ways to Recharge: You can quickly charge your BULLBAT Pioneer 500 power station from 0 to 80% within 2 hours using a wall outlet + USB-C outlet. Alternatively, you can use solar panels (6-8hrs) and a car outlet (4-6hrs) to recharge the power station. 


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    Safe, Compact, Reliable Power Supply - Anywhere and Everywhere!

    The BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station will keep your devices running, indoors and outdoors! It comes with a capacity of 505Wh that can power up a wide range of electronics and small appliances,

    including a mini-fridge, TV, laptop, tablet, smartphones, and projectors, among others.

    As an alternative to traditional gasoline backup generators, Bullbat 500 watt portable power station provides a cleaner, safer, and reliable alternative to all your power needs.

    What Can BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Power? Devices Under 500W


    You can use the BULLBAT Pioneer 500 portable power station to power up all your essential electronics under the 500W power rating.

    Give your appliances the much-needed run time they need, from your GPS and TV to your snowblower and dehumidifier; our portable generator can support them all!


    The B Pioneer's portable design makes it easy anywhere you need it!

    The next time you find yourself camping off-grid,

    you will have a clean and green power supply with you at all times. 


    Perfect for use on the job, especially when a sudden loss of power isn't acceptable.

    Keep your crew powered up with our portable power generator with 8 outputs!


    The BULLBAT Pioneer 500 portable power station provides emergency power

    with its excellent backup power supply system to medical personnel,

    so they can power up their critical work during planned or unplanned power outages.


    On the road with no power source nearby?

    The BULLBAT Pioneer 500 best portable power station can come in handy!

    Keep your electronics charged even when you are on the move!

    Packing List

    BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station 505Wh/500W 19


    BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station 505Wh/500W 20


    Battery Capacity505.44Wh(21.6V/23.4Ah)1x DC Input12V~30V (160W Max & 7A Max)
    Cell ChemistryLi-ion NMC1x AC Output500W (Surge 1000W, 3S) 110V~60/50Hz Pure Sine Wave
    Battery Lifecycle500 cycles to 80%+1x DC Output12V 4A (48W Max)

    1x Car Cigarette Lighter Port12V 10A (120W Max)

    2x USB-A Outputs5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A (Max 18W for each port, total 36W)

    1x USB-C Output5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 3A (Max 60W)

    Product NamePortable Power StationAC Adapter3-4 Hours
    Product ModelPioneer 50012V 15A Car Cigarette Lighter4-6 Hours
    Net Weight12 lbs(5.4 kg)100W Solar Panel6-8 Hours
    Product Dimensions11.8x6.2x9.3 inch(30x15.7x23.6 cm)

    Operating Temperature32-104°F (0~40°C)

    Storage Temperature14-131°F (-10~55°C)

    CertificationFCC, CEC, DOE, ROHS, UN38.3

    Warranty12 Months

    Q: What Devices Can the BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Power?

    A: The Bullbat Pioneer 500 power station features multiple output ports. The AC outlet will allow you to charge devices just below 500W, whereas the DC outlet will allow you to charge devices below 48W, and the car outlet will allow you to charge devices below 120W. If your device's power exceeds the 500W range, the portable solar power station will automatically shut down and enter protection mode. 

    Q: Can this power station power other devices while charging at the same time?

    A: Yes, Bullbat Pioneer 500 supports pass-through charging. You can use the AC/DC/USB output ports while charging.

    Q: What is the Battery Composition of the BULLBAT Pioneer 500? How's the battery circle life?

    A: The BULLBAT Pioneer 500 is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, capable of more than 500 charging cycles (80%). It can maintain its 80% charging capacity even after 500 cycles, up to 2000 charging cycles, and you can continue to use it even more than 2000 times.

    Q: How Long Does It Take to Charge BULLBAT Pioneer 500?

    A: The Bullbat Pioneer 500 can take anywhere from 2.5-10 hours to charge depending on the source you use, i.e., solar panels, car charger, USB-C port, wall outlet, etc. From Wall Outlet: 3.5-4 hrs, from Solar Panel: 4-6 hrs (160W), from 12V Car Charger: 6.5-7 hrs, from USB-C PD Port: 9-10 hrs, from Wall Outlet + USB-C PD: 2.5-3 hrs, from Solar + USB-C PD: 4-5 hrs.

    Q: What kind of solar panel can charge this Bullbat Pioneer 500?

    A: The solar panel has to meet:

    1) The Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) is between 12V-30V;

    2) Equipped with MC4 Connector. If your solar panel has an Anderson connector, please purchase an Anderson to MC4 cable. (Our Bullbat Pioneer 500 comes with a MC4 to DC5525 cable.)

    Q: Does this Bullbat Pioneer 500 have MPPT feature?

    A: Yes, all our Bullbat power stations have MPPT feature for quicker solar charging performance.

    Q: Does the USB-C port support fast charging?

    A: Yes, the USB-C(Type-C) port supports fast charging, it can provide max 60W output power.

    Q: Does the Power Station Come Equipped with a Solar Panel?

    A: No, this power station doesn't include a solar panel. You may have to purchase the solar panel separately.

    Q: Does the AC outlet work for three prong plug-ins?

    A: Yes, all Bullbat power stations' AC outlet can work for both two and three prong plug-ins.

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