BULLBAT Pioneer 500 505wh Solar Powered Generator - 2021 Portable Power Station Review


A YouTuber Random Fix said Bullbat Pioneer 500 portable power station only weighs 12 pounds, and this is a pretty nice size unit. It does not have lithium iron phosphate batteries, and bullbat is pretty creative on their website. Bullbat Pioneer 500 can do a lot for people. If people are looking for a portable power station that can use when they go camping on their next trip down to the beach, maybe they want to use something like this for work in case their laptop goes out, and you work from the house and that's what this portable power station is all about. People can use it for emergencies and camping anything they want to do Random Fix is always keeping a spare one of these around in his sprinter van here in case his inverter goes down. Random Fix just got back from Texas last year, they had some troubles with the power there. In this video, Random Fix will introduce they are going to test by trying out all the different ports they are going to run a small little heater off it with the compressor. Then they will run a bigger heater to see what happens on it. 

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